August 17, 2020


To: All Grand Chapter Officers, Past Grand Chapter Officers, Chapter Officers and Companions




Because of the coronavirus as we promised something to keep you interested with our order.​

  1. On our website you will find questions in our alphabet download the questions and return them back by the deadline below.

  2. There will be three prizes given to the three papers returned with most correct answers.

  3. Each of you have until midnight Wednesday to return your answers back to us.

  4. Return your answers to

This Grand Chapter will attempt to provide ways to keep everyone interest with the studies of our Royal Arch in hopes it is not too late.  As we all the old saying “You Don’t Use It You’ll Lose It”.  Don’t let this be the case for us, I employ each of you to set aside a few minutes of your time and read your material, call one another and challenge one another, make it fun and continue to stay sharp with the ways that HAS ENRICHED OUR LIVES though the masonic teachings.  Taking that good man and making him better.      


We are happy to say the jurisdiction is doing well.  From those of you that responded to our call we appreciate you letting us know all is well.  Continue to stay safe and pray for one another you never know who is in need.

If we can be of help, do not hesitate to contact us.


3 X 3,


JOSEPH PIERCE, JR.                                                                         

Most Excellent Grand High Priest                                         



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              Holy Royal Arch Masons 

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