Most Excellent Grand High Priest Joseph Pierce Jr.

Our Most Excellent Grand High Priest Joseph Pierce Jr. was born and raised in New York City, the son of Joseph and Ruby Pierce.


Joe masonic journey began while on active duty in the United State Air Force, assigned to RAF Alconbury AB, England. He was Initiated, passed and raised a master mason in Clearance H. Beavers Lodge #124, where he served as Junior Deacon. After transferring to Little Rock Air Force Base Jacksonville Arkansas became a member of H.J. Evans Sr. Lodge #8 where he still maintain membership. After spending two years as Junior Deacon, two years as Senior Warden Brother Pierce was elected Worshipful Master serving two years.  After spending much time devoted to studying Free Masonry and Driven by a commitment to serve and aid others.  The late Chief Deputy Monroe Murdock for 7th South appointed him Assistant Deputy, where he served for three years, afterward appointed to Sr. Deputy.  In pursuit of more light in masonry led him to become a member of Royal Arch Masons, Knight Templars, 32 Degree, and coronate to that honorary level of a 33rd Degree Mason. Dedication to the masonic organization included many levels of achievements to include: Eminent Commander E.J. Jackson Commander #8 Knights Templar, High Priest W.P. Brown #142 Royal Arch, and Treasurer for J.L.H Smith Consistory #76 and Illustrious Potentate for Mohammed Temple # 34, as well as a member of African Lodge #459, Phylaxis Society.  Later elected and served two years as Grand Junior Warden, M.W.P.H G. L. of Arkansas, served five years as Grand Captain of the Host, for Grand Chapter of Holy Royal Arch Mason, serve three years as elected Grand King. Presently, serve as Most Excellent Grand High Priest Holy Royal Arch Mason Jurisdiction of Arkansas.  I would be truly remorse not to mention that he is also a very proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

As my term of office begins I acknowledge with gratitude the outstanding work done by my predecessor Rev. PGHP Earnest Womack Jr.  The relationship with the Craft, heads of houses and our Grand Master Cleveland k. Wilson has been very beneficial.

He has done a great deal of excellent work and have a substantial list of specific achievements. This work must continue as our highest development priority. It creates the positive environment in Craft Lodges in which we can invite our brethren to take that next step, if and when they are able to do so with respect to their family, work and Craft commitments.


The specifics of this can actually be simply summarized: planning and communications. This might be seen as a cliché but there is a reason that concepts, ideas, words and phrases become clichés – they are usually accurate and appropriate. In this case, for a start, the achievements noted above have been made by planning and establishing good communications channels with the Craft and then using them well.