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Greetings Companions,


August 25,2020


This is an update on the York Rite Charity Committee several donations made in Pine Bluff AR. since December 2019 to present.

  1. We purchase and donated Christmas toys for the children living in the Casa Battered Women Shelter.

  2. We purchased and donated Six picnic tables for students of Focus Academy.

  3. Lastly, we purchased and donated bottle water for the young children of Friendship Academy.


We all should be proud members of our York Rite Family for supporting those in need.


Thank you all.


York Rite Grand Officers.

To the Grand Officers, the York Rite Community Service Program Committee and York Rite members, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the special donation of water that you have donated to our children and faculty.  During this time of chaos, we are trying as hard as we can to keep our children safe, and you will never know how much this is going to help with that task.  Again, thank you from the children and the faculty of the Friendship Academy, you are greatly appreciated. 



Brianna Reynolds & the Friendship Academy Students & Faculty  

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