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It is my extreme pleasure to pen this letter to you all.  Thank you for allowing me to continue to be your representative for Royal Arch Masonry in the jurisdiction of Arkansas as your Grand High Priest.  It is my prayer for continuous growth with knowledge, fellowship and most of all brotherhood. 


We have been blessed with some outstanding dedicated members that has aided in the beatification of our grand chapter, and I wish to thank each of you.  I ask that we carry on with our pursuit to grow, becoming the Grand Chapter everyone wishes to be a member of. 

District Deputy Grand High Priests, with your assistance and innovative ways of thinking, has moved this jurisdiction to the plateau where we sit today. Many thanks to you all.  I believe we make up a great part of our York Rite body but then again I’m more partial to the Red and White.

The start of the year we’re looking to make some more significant improvements to enhance our Grand Chapter even further.  We have plans to make it as interesting as possible, so that you look forward to our next meeting.  Just keep participating the way you’re doing and you will enjoy all the improvements.  We have minute books for sale to help the chapters keep better records, we have made it possible to purchase regalia for jurisdiction uniformity, and the funds raised go to the making things better for us all.  If you have ideas, get in touch with our ways and means committee and they will make it happen.  As it begins with the last page of this letter you’ll find that this is a Yoke Rite Family Affair.

We need to know as soon as possible if there will be any members for exaltation in November. We are in our planning stage for the jurisdiction and that’s the beginning of our year.  Contact your deputy and let him know if you are willing and able to aid in the planning stage.  More information to come after November.


Your elected officers is as follows:

Most Excellent Grand High Priest: Joseph Pierce Jr.

Deputy Grand High Priest: Xavier Young

Right Excellent Grand King: Andre’ Singleton

Right Excellent Grand Scribe: Paul Isbell

Right Excellent Grand Secretary: Thomas Brown Sr.

Right Excellent Grand Treasurer: Albert E. Turner

Appointed Positions:

Excellent Grand Recorder: Ross Bell

Excellent Asst. Recorder: Howard A. Dilworth

Excellent Captain of the Host: Rick Jones

Excellent Royal Arch Captain: Jerry Green

Excellent Master of the 3rd Veil: Alphonso Jones

Excellent Master of the 2nd Veil: Montreal Shields

Excellent Master of the 1st Veil: Rafaela Hicks

Grand Joshua: Bryan Stevens

Vice Grand Joshua:

Continue Praying for one another, we never know who is in need.


Joseph Pierce Jr.


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